Proposed New York law would protect Facebook user data

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Facebook is rolling out a series of changes to better protect your privacy.

The move arrives as the tech giant continues to come under fire for allowing a data firm to get its hands on your personal information.
"The problem is only getting worse," said New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

The New York AG is announcing a new wall to protect your most personal information after Facebook revealed a data firm with ties to President Donald Trump's campaign, got its hand on the information of 50 million users.

"When a data breach happens, personal information, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers and other sensitive data are available to be put on the black market," said Schneiderman. 

New York's law would require sites like Facebook to take steps to protect your data and hold them accountable for a data breach. The social media giant claims it is already taking steps to make users feel safe online.

"What happened with Cambridge (Analytica) represents a clear violation of people's trust and for that we are very sorry. We have been clear on this and know there's more that we can do," a spokesperson with Facebook said. 

Facebook said it is dialing back the dealings with outside companies that collect information and working to make it easier for you to control your privacy settings. 

Facebook says it will have 20,000 employees working on security related issues this year and that it's also taking steps to fight the spread of fake news on its platform.