Prosecution: man admits guilt in Lincoln Park rape; 2nd alleged victim emerges

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A stunning moment in court Tuesday in the case of two cousins charged with raping a woman in Lincoln Park.

Prosecutors say one of them admitted to the crimes and implicated his cousin. And now another victim has come forward saying one of the defendants raped her too.

Nineteen-year-old Fernando Anderson in tears as the prosecution shares a bombshell guilty confession made during the interrogation of his 24-year-old cousin, also named Fernando Anderson.

"He basically admitted to the entirety of the allegations alleged by the people," said Wayne County assistant prosecutor Kavita Uppal. "More in line of blaming it on the co-defendant."

An admission that could put the pair away for life, charged with kidnapping then taking turns sexually assaulting a 23-year old woman in Lincoln Park. It all happened as they were driving around in her car, last March.

"(He) in extreme detail, describes all of his actions in playing leadership in the role of this," said Uppal.

"He's 19 years old, he's expecting his first child, and for them to bring in information as it relates to co-defendants, the court is well aware that co-defendant statements cannot be used against the other as it relates to the preliminary examination," said the defense attorney.

But prosecutors say that another woman has come forward, saying the younger of the two, raped her as well.

"She's come forward when she saw him on the TV, indicated similar incidents have happened to her, filed a police report and police are currently investigating that," said Uppal.

Prosecutors also say both co-defendants were wanted for other crimes including felony larceny and leaving the scene of an accident. The bond was left at $500,000 each, and the two remain in custody.

One of the co-defendants told a different story to FOX 2 saying the victim was a prostitute that only went to the police after she wasn't paid.  The case will continue in court next week.