Protesters rally in Downtown Detroit for March for Our Lives

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"Enough is enough," that was the chant heard across America and right hear and Detroit.

The message coming from student-led demonstrations looking to change gun laws in the wake of the deadly parkland shooting.

In Detroit and across America these students and teens, turned activist and protesters say gun control is the difference between life and death. 

"People own guns that are just killing machines, you're not going to hunt deer with an ar-15, it’ll rip it apart, destroy it. I think no one should have the chance to end people's lives in school."

The Detroit version, drawing university students and adult allies, parents, teachers, and people who are both. 

"Three fourths of my family is in a school every day and it’s just getting really scary, to send your kid off to school, I’m supposed to be responsible for the kids in class but I’m worried about my own kids being off in school every day. I’m sick of it, I’m done with it and it needs to change," teacher and parent Amy Mixa said.

Organizers say folks of every age, race, ethnicity, gender, and citizenship descended on Rivard Plaza and made their way to Hart Plaza, to Campus Martius then ending at the Renaissance Center chanting as they went, pointing to the political system to change gun laws. 

"I honestly believe that kids are going to vote they’re going to come out starting at 18 years old and vote and make this place be a different and safe place," Suzanne Levin said.

"We need to do something positive and have a strong legislative push to have more gun control and save our children," Athina Sikavitsis said.

The aftermath of Parkland igniting the spark, that's caught fire seemingly everywhere.