Public comes to the aid of minister beaten and carjacked on Gratiot

A 51-year-old St. Clair Shores man was viciously beaten and carjacked in the early morning of January 19th just wanting a midnight snack, on 14 Mile and Gratiot.

Derek Hill saw what he thought, was a disabled car.  He stopped to help out and that's when he was severely beaten and his van stolen.

Hill's van helps those in need with his "Last Supper Mobile Ministry." He uses it to feed the hungry and provide clothes for the needy.

"They say that nothing good happens after midnight, well I've saved quite a few lives after midnight," said Hill. "It saddens me to see the world this way today.  It shouldn't be this way."       

In fact, when Derek's van was stolen, it had over $200 of food for those in need. 

"If they treated people like they did on Christmas, the world would be a better place," he said.

Hill says he is not bitter about the night he was beaten. 

"A man gets left behind, nobody gets left on the side of the road. Well here it is I got left on the side of the road in a puddle of blood," said Hill.

Hill's van was found near the Davison and McNichols. The Roseville police believe they have one suspect known and are still searching for two others.

After Hill's story aired on FOX 2, he received a whole lot of love. 

"Mr. Masters donated a new Chrysler Pacifica to help you with your ministry," attorney James Galen said in a video.

"All leather, all power," Hill said after receiving it. "I couldn't be any happier."

He got a new van and a GoFundMe account. 

"He went through a bad thing but God doubled the ministry," said Galen. "Now he's got two vans."

"I am going to hire another person to help me," Hill said. "Another volunteer for Last Supper Ministry."

So can Hill forgive the three people that beat him?

"Absolutely. I forgive them 110 percent and ask that they give their lives to Christ and be done with it," Hill said.