Q-Line gets rave reviews in debut

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It's a historic day for the city of Detroit - after years of planning and construction, the Q-Line is officially up and running.

Say hello to the new Q-Line street cars on the road.  The Q-Line makes 12 stops along Woodward, it is a six and a half mile loop. Rides this weekend and next week are free.

"Smoother than a Cadillac," said Woody Coleman.

"On the inside its nice, it’s okay if you don't have to sit down, it's nice, it's a good ride," said Tynna Bui.

People stood in line for their first ride on the Q-Line on Friday.

"This is a great day, a day I have never seen in Detroit," said Ann Coleman. "A historical day to me. I really enjoyed myself."

And it seems the Q-Line does not disappoint.

"Oh it was great," Woody Coleman said. "I think it is the first street car in 50 or 60 years or so, I enjoyed it. I'm excited about it."

While the new street cars are attracting quite a bit of attention.

"It should be interesting to see how they work it out with traffic," said Rachel Manauis.

Making stops up and down Woodward, the Q-Line is sharing the road.

"To make sure they yield to the street car as much as possible," said Sommer Woods, Q-Line spokesperson. "It is 87,000 pounds of weight coming down Woodward so that's important for people to know. Treat it as a bus, treat it as another vehicle that's on the streets now."

"It may be a little scary for a while, we're sharing the road," Woody Coleman said.