Racist graffiti spray painted in Detroit's Cadillac Square Apartments

Residents found racist graffiti spray painted on their hallway walls Wednesday at a downtown Detroit apartment building.

"We all have to find out who done it because we don't want them putting poison in the world," said Calvin Conley, who lives at Cadillac Square Apartments. "I'm going to have to watch people in there because there is no telling what they might do."

Detroit police say they are confident they will find whomever is responsible for spreading these hateful messages because it is a relatively secure building, something Fox 2 discovered for ourselves as soon as we were invited into the lobby.

A person working for the management company told us he can't say anything about the graffiti -- just that they are working with police.

But those who passed along the pictures of the vandalism tell us it goes one step further.

Not only were there racial slurs spray painted on the walls inside the apartment complex in Detroit but they were also accompanied by a letter from the KKK.

Police say the letter was slipped under various doors of tenants living there.

"I say to the person that put the KKK stuff up there -- it ain't going to stop us. It ain't going to stop me from living in this building," Conley said.

Police asking anyone with information to come forward.