Rain leaves metro Detroit soaked, cleaning up after flooding

It's not the waterfront property Ryan and Jen Mink planned for, but then again they didn't have a choice.

Their property runs alongside Plum Creek in Monroe which empties out into Lake Erie.

The torrential rain made lawn chairs useless and dual sump pumps working non-stop.

Down in the basement however, the water was less forgiving.

This home has been in the Mink family for generations and while they can't remember a flood this bad it doesn't mean they are going anywhere.

Elsewhere in the metro Detroit area flood waters turned creeks into rivers. The waters of the Red Run river in Sterling Heights barely cleared 15 mile road.

And in Detroit, along the Southfield Freeway, one woman said a combination of late-night gunshots and car using her flooded front yard proved to be an interesting combination.

The Southfield Freeway itself was closed for hours during the weekend at Michigan Avenue while flood waters proved to be too dangerous for vehicles.

Good news though, Fox 2's Rich Luterman says that the weather is clearing and does not anticipate any rain for the next week at least!