Rape victim: 'I memorized his face'

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She had been waiting for ten years to face her alleged rapist. Now, she's got the chance as she sees the face she remembers as if it was yesterday.

The 33-year-old woman says she memorized is eyes and his thick eyebrows. So much so, she saw him in her nightmares. That man, she said, is 30-year-old Michael Montgomery, the man who police say attacked two EMS workers after being told he couldn't right in an ambulance with a friend.

"He just told me don't get up and look because he'd shoot me if I got up," the victim, who we are not identifying, said. "I'm just glad finally he caught cuz who knows, he probably killed and raped more little girls and nobody probably knows about it."

Montgomery was arrested Tuesday night and Detroit Police say he slashed two first responders in the face. Once arrested, his DNA was tested and police linked him to the 2005 kidnapping, rape, and torture of the victim.

"He had cut my boots - cut the strings off my boots, yanked my pants down - broke my pants."

She was just 23 at the time and says Montgomery grabbed her from behind, put a knife to her throat and a gun to her head. Then he forced her into an alley behind the Edison Public Library.

"I would usually try and fight but something clicked in me: don't fight, just go and I'm gonna bring you out of this," she said.

Police say Montgomery is also responsible for the brutal rape and murder of 16-year-old Dantoya White just a month later -- in the same area.

"I cried about it. I asked my mama why didn't he kill me and he killed that little girl? She had more to live for because she was 16."

The woman says after the attack, she barely left her house for a year. In 2007, she considered suicide.

"I had taken pills and got drunk. I really tried to kill myself. I woke up and I had thrown up everywhere and I felt so band and said I'd never do that again and said let me try and put this in the back of my head."

When he was arrested, police say Montgomery was apologetic and even cried during his arraignment.

"He's just sorry he got caught.. If he was sorry he wouldn't continue to do the dumb things he's been doing."

After waiting a decade to face her alleged rapist in court, she says she's ready to fight back and forgive.

"That's what the Lord tells us to do. But will I forget? No."