Rapper Gmac Cash is internet sensation with Michigan winter song

In the past 24 hours a Detroit man has become an internet sensation.

That's because "Gmac Cash" is rapping about the one thing everyone is talking about this weather. FOX 2 caught up with the man whose video has more than a million views in just one day.

Growing weary of the winter weather? You're not alone. Detroit rapper Gmac Cash's video caught fire describing his hatred of Michigan's original four-letter word.

"You can't do anything out here with this snow," he said. "It's like Michigan, every other time, every day. Every week we are getting another snowstorm. We are tired of it."

FOX 2 caught up with the east side wordsmith, who says he recorded, shot and uploaded the song Tuesday.

The reaction?

"It has just been blowing up," said Gmac Cash. "My phone hasn't stopped ringing."
From the polar vortex, to ice storms to inches of snow, Michigan winters are not for the faint of heart.

And for better or worse there could be more on the way.

To watch the video CLICK HERE - viewer discretion is advised for profanity.