Rash of assaults, robberies has U-M campus on alert

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Walking from home to class has become a bit fearful for some students at the University of Michigan.

During the early morning hours Friday and Saturday of last week, police say a man robbed a pair of students in this neighborhood, and police believe they may be looking for the same suspect.

Police say they are seeing the same MO in the two robberies only a few blocks away from each other. A male suspect drives up in a car, gets out wearing a bandana over his face, and pulls out a gun.

The first robbery happened here near the corner of Tappan and Oakland, the second only two blocks away at the corner of Vaughn and East University.

Students who live in the area are on edge.

"I study pretty late at the libraries," said Anushka Sarkar, student. "Or I go out with friends on the weekends. It feels very unsafe to come home maybe after 9 p.m.. I would stay at a friend's home or the library because I'm afraid to walk home.

"A lot of us walk home alone," said another female student. "It's just concerning people are driving up in a car. It really feels like they are targeting students who are out here at night and not really prepared."

Fortunately, the victims were not hurt in the two robberies. The students only had their backpack, wallet, and cell phone taken.

In the first incident Friday morning, police say the suspect pulled a long gun.

"A lot of people that I know have not wanted to walk outside late at night just because they're scared," said Ben Beltser. "One of my roommates on the phone with me walking to his girlfriend's house who lives right over there. It's pretty scary."

"I always carry mace with me just in case," said another female student. "Because you don't know who is going to come up to you and try to harm you in any way."

Whatever you do, police are urging everyone who live or work in this area to be mindful of their surroundings at all times.

If you have any information on who the suspect is, give the Ann Arbor Police Department at (734) 794-6927, right away.