Ray Wiegand’s Nursery reopens after being forced to shut down due to COVID-19 

On Saturday, Gardeners steadily made their way to Ray Wiegand’s Nursery for the first time since they shut their doors last month

Just one day after Governor Gretchen Whitmer loosened restrictions allowing some businesses to open. Employees at the nursery handed out masks and displayed a long list of extra safety precautions at the front. 

“I've got hand sanitizer, I have a gal to clean the restroom every time someone uses it to wipe handles,” said Owner Erma Rhadigan. 

Erma said she is also limiting guests to 200 at a time and asking them to practice social distancing. She started training her staff on the rules and regulations last week. 

“I'm being very serious,” she said. “It's so sad how many people passed away and our short season hurts if we don't open. So, I'm being cautious. I want to protect my employees and my customers.”

Erma said it’s their busiest season until Memorial Day weekend. After that, sales slowdown. Even still, business took a big hit. The coronavirus forced Ray Wiegands to lay off most of their 240 staff members, so far they’ve brought 40 back. 

“I'm glad lives were saved and I thank everyone is like that,” she said. “We had to cancel everything from our advertising all the way down to getting soil. It's all down the pipeline it hurts everybody.”

Erma is grateful Ray Wiegands is among the first businesses to open their doors again, and customers are too!