Real estate agent says she was robbed on the job in Birmingham

A real estate agent getting ready to show a home in Birmingham claims she was robbed on the job.

The ordeal disrupting the school day for multiple schools throughout the neighborhood - as police searched for a suspect.

This robbery created quite a bit of chaos, three Birmingham elementary schools were locked down for a short time. It appeared the real estate agent had been set up by a bogus house buyer. But right now, police aren't so sure.

"I saw her try to gain access to the home through the lock box and that was it," said Erin Alexander.

Alexander, who lives next door, said the next thing she knew, several police cars had surrounded the Birmingham Boulevard house.

A real estate agent claimed she got a call from a prospective buyer who wanted to see the house. He asked her to take pictures of the basement furnace, which she told officers she was doing when a masked man with a rifle, approached her from behind and robbed her.

"And (he) had left her in one of the storage rooms with her back against the door with a broom not allowing her to leave," Alexander said. "Kind of scary."

The real estate agent told police the thief stole her jewelry and cell phone. She was eventually able to escape the basement room, flag down a mailman, who called police.

Birmingham police locked down three area elementary schools as they searched the area. Investigators tell FOX 2 they are now investigating the validity of the agent's story.

"The policeman pulled me aside and said the story isn't panning out," Alexander said. "It doesn't look like it is what she is portraying it to be. Originally she said they took a watch and 4 carat diamond."

"We are always concerned about out agents and their safety in the field," said Don Amalfiteano.

Amalfiteano, who manages Caldwell Banker in Birmingham, says they listed the house, but the woman who showed it works for another agency. Although there have been very few dangerous incidents over the years, he has already reminded his 105 agents what precautions to take.

He tells them to make sure you are familiar with your clients, get a copy of their driver's license and let the agency know what house you plan to show," he said. "Just in case.

"They can share that with our staff so that its available and they have the opportunity to let the people know where they are going to be showing and where they are at so they can be conscious of safety and maybe going be at safety rescue if needed."

FOX 2 tried to speak with the agent but she wanted to remain anonymous. Police are still investigating her story.