'Really intense': Former FOX 2 meteorologist talks Canadian wildfire impact on New York

Former FOX 2 Meteorologist Michael Estime is now with FOX Weather in New York City - currently surrounded by smoke from Canadian wildfires.

"You can not only see it - you can smell it - you can taste it in the air it is as if you are sitting right next to a campfire," said Michael Estime. "It's been incredible - in fact this is the worst air quality they have ever seen in New York City.

"I wear contact lenses and I'm telling you, every single time I blink I can feel like that dusty residue in my eyes. It's really intense here in New York City."

Estime says he's been wearing his n95 mask outside and health professionals in New York, much like here in Michigan are advising people to stay inside - especially those with upper respiratory problems.

The smoke from those Canadian wildfires knows no borders.

"It's larger than the size of Connecticut when you put all the wildfires together," Estime said. "All of that smoke is being driven down into parts of the Northeast and parts of the Midwest into Michigan and parts of New York and upstate New York. It is absolutely historic."

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The Big Apple - much like the Motor City - is waiting for the smoke to clear.

"All we are waiting for is a solid windshift, to kind of blow the wind into another direction - hopefully out into the Atlantic," Estime said. "Or, to see a really good, healthy, cleansing rain and that would help to mitigate some of the coughing concerns and respiratory issues here in Manhattan, as well. Fingers crossed for everyone in the Midwest and the Northeast in the next coming days, for sure."

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Photos courtesy of Michael Estime