Rebel Dogs Detroit needs help transforming illegal dumping site into animal rescue

A dog rescue in Detroit is trying to build a new shelter on a former illegal dumping site.

Rebel Dogs Detroit has helped1,500 stray dogs over the past few years. However, the shelter is running out of space to house dogs.

"Currently, the shelters that are available for the populous to bring stray dogs they’ve found or surrendering dogs, they’re getting turned away because there is not space," said Juniper Fleming with Rebel Dogs. "We take on some critical medical cases all the time. We get called from the police about dogs being hit by a car or shot… we’re having to not take those kinds of cases right now."

The rescue has the plans for the new shelter, but it is low on the money needed to make the plan a reality.

To donate, visit the dog rescue's website or donate to this Facebook fundraiser.