Record cold leads to busy shelters like Detroit Rescue Mission

Record-breaking snow totals are being followed by record-breaking cold temperatures.

The temperatures are expected to dip down into single digits early Wednesday morning. Typical Michigan weather - for the middle of January - but not the middle of November.

"I haven't seen a Superman yet, but a human body can only handle so much in regards to the temperature," said Gandy Kachucha who is staying at Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries.

He is one of many coming in from out of the cold, taking shelter with Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries.

"You're dealing with mother nature, no human's going to win," Kachucha said.

Dr. Chad Audi is the president and CEO of Detroit Rescue Mission.

"We open our doors and our hearts to everybody who comes in," he said. "We don't turn anyone away."

"If people come in and we don't have any place for them to stay in a regular bed, we have our cots ready."

It provides hot meals, hot showers and most importantly a place to get warm in this dangerously cold weather.

"If they say the obstacle for them is transportation, we will go and pick them up our drivers around the clock available," Audi said.

This weather isn't just dangerous for people; pets need to be inside where it's warm too.

"Limit the walks unfortunately," said Miriam Pranschke, dog foster mom. "But they still need to go outside to play around in the snow, they kind of like that most of the time."

When it is this cold outside, try to limit your time outdoors and dress warmly.