Recording released in attorney Mike Morse alleged groping case

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A secret recording of attorney Mike Morse was released Tuesday, one day after a prosecutor announced the criminal groping case would not move forward.

Before the press conference started, attorney Geoffrey Fieger kicked a reporter out for not sharing a statement issued by Morse's attorney. Members of the media were surprised he and his colleagues pushed so hard for the press release - when he had the audio conversation with Morse apologizing ready to play.

For the first time, we heard attorney Mike Morse apologize on tape to Renee Swain, the woman he is accused of groping back in April.

The conversation was recorded after Fieger claimed Morse and a friend set up a meeting with Swain to try and convince her to drop the criminal complaint against Morse. With the help of police, she wore a wire to the meeting where Morse explained he had never done anything like this before and was mortified.

Fieger played the conversation for the media.

“I'm mortified, I'm mortified, I wish I could take that away from you,” said Morse.

“Do you remember what you did?” asked Swain.

“I remember like, a one second pull you over, that's what I remember. I'm not denying anything. I believe you. I'm telling you, I don't know,” replied Morse.

“I want you to know it made me feel really bad,” said Swain.

The conversation became more emotional when Swain described to Morse what he did.

“You were like behind me and you grabbed my boob and you go ‘is that better?’ I was stunned. It was just like, felt like, it made me feel bad,” Swain said.

Morse replied, “I don’t even know how to apologize – how to say I am sorry enough, I really am.’

However, a statement issued by Morse’s attorney Deborah Gordon read in part, "in the strongest terms - Mike Morse denies any wrong doing." It goes on to say. "In no way was this meeting an admission of misconduct."

Fieger denied this is the result of any bad blood between the attorneys. He said the tape and the sexual assault lawsuits filed against Morse speak for themselves.

“Enough is enough with this nonsense that this is about Geoff Fieger. This is about five separate women who don't know each other, and certainly don't know me - retained me because they believe I will get justice for women. This has nothing to do - I don't even know Mr. Morse,” said Fieger.

The Genesee County Prosecutor decided not to bring criminal charges against Morse on Monday. Fieger said he has reached out to Attorney General Bill Shuette about pursuing the case. He also said he filed complaints with the attorney grievance commission against Morse on behalf of the 5 women who filed civil lawsuits against him.