Redford man who pretended to be Walmart employee after fleeing police charged with five crimes

The Redford Township man who evaded police for 45 minutes before attempting to disguise himself as a Walmart employee before his arrest has been arraigned on five charges.

Jaylen Enoch Ali, 20, was arraigned on counts that included fleeing and eluding police, reckless driving, and possession of a stolen car.

Ali's court hearing in the 36th District follows a wild chase that he led police on around Wayne County late last week. 

He was first observed by Michigan State Police's helicopter unit known as Trooper 2. After spotting the Dodge Charger traveling at a high rate of speed, other patrol units attempted a traffic stop on the suspect. 

Those efforts failed and a pursuit was called off while Trooper 2 followed the suspect. Eventually, police determined the vehicle had been stolen when a sergeant got a look at the license plate when the suspect got caught in traffic.

Trooper 2 continued following the stolen vehicle into a Walmart parking lot where he was seen entering the building. Police said Ali attempted to disguise himself as an employee of the store.  When he was identified in the back stockroom, the suspect attempted to flee through the front door when he was arrested.

Ali was also arraigned on resisting arrest and possession of a master key. The last charge refers to having a key designed to open lock on more than one motor vehicle not including any duplicates of other keys or those sent by the manufacturer. 

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They type of key is usually reserved for locksmiths and professionals. 

Ali will be back in court on April 18. He was given a $5,000 bond.