Relative says her loved one is part of 11-person COVID-19 outbreak in Westland senior home

As COVID-19 cases continue to grow by the thousand we've learned of a reported outbreak of 11 people at The Four Seasons Rehabilitation and Nursing Home in Westland.
The family of one of the residents is not happy with how this is being handled, they told FOX 2. 

"Our loved one has Covid. And she didn't get it from us, she didn't get it from anyone in the community. She got it from someone there," said a relative of a resident there.
The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, says her elderly loved one staying at Four Seasons testing positive for COVID-19 earlier this week. 

"They clearly have an outbreak in their home," she said. "They have five residents, six staff."
The woman says her 80-year-old family member who is limited mentally and physically and can't care for herself, tested positive over the weekend. Her family got the call on Tuesday.

"We said do not move her until we speak to someone - and it was done anyway. We knew she was being moved. We said we don't consent to this thinking that as legal guardians, we have that right. We don't." 

This woman says her loved one was moved to a nursing home in St. Clair Shores - a "Covid hub" - which is about an hour away. 

And, they say their loved one didn't realize she wouldn't have a say in where, or how she would be transferred.

"Everybody with a loved one in a nursing home needs to know this," the relative said. "Due to this new Senate Bill, your loved one has to be moved to a Covid hub. There is no choice."

That woman says that she understands that COVID-19 patients need to be moved - the staff at The Four Seasons aren't giving her any information.

"We tried to call four times yesterday and could not reach anybody," she said. "We don't know anything."

This woman also says - there's been a number of complaints related to proper PPE, cleaning and staffing. And last month, Four Seasons employees staged a strike.
"Also of concern was that 14 nursing homes went on strike. Fourteen were able to settle. Four seasons was the only one that wasn't able to settle before the staff went on strike. That concerns me. Why not?" 

FOX 2 reaching out to Four seasons and have not yet received a response. 

Now as  COVID-19 cases continue climb this woman hopes other nursing homes will have an open conversation with patients and their families.

"We understand they are on the front lines and they're doing their best to protect our loved ones and other people's loved ones," she said. "But we have to be able to trust them completely."