Remains of four more bodies found at Cantrell Funeral Home

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs says more remains have been found in the old Cantrell Funeral Home.

According to LARA, the current owner of the building notified them of four cremated remains found inside the home. The remains were transported to Verheyden Funeral Home in Eastpointe. 

Multiple families who say they trusted Cantrell now say they either can't get their loved ones remains or are seriously worried that the services were performed correctly.

Fetuses, infant remains were mummified in Detroit funeral home

Deshaun was just 12-years-old when he was killed in a hit and run crash near Gratiot on 6 Mile. His services were supposed to have been taken care of by Cantrell, like the family did for a grandparent, stepdad, cousin, and 1-year-old niece of his mom. 

Now, though, she's wondering how true it is that her son was actually laid to rest.

"We dealt with him for so many years we trusted him. We trusted him. To think that our loved one isn't buried it's so not cool, so not cool," Tamika Evans said.

The family isn't the only one. Hundreds of people are now wondering how they can confirm the loved ones who have passed were handled properly by Cantrell Funeral Home. The remains of one baby and ten fetuses were found last weekend but the funeral home was shut down in April for having moldy bodies and deteriorating conditions.

Earl Lewis has a different fight: how does he get the shes of his brother, Elivs, who passed away in February.

"It's sad," Lewis said. "Now they said that somebody told us they sent his remains to Flint, Michigan, and I don't know why they sent him to me." 

Elvis cremated with Cantrell but after the funeral home closed in April, we're told a Flint funeral home took possession of hundreds of cremated remains, including his.

The owner of that funeral home said they fulfilled the obligation to the state and were done. They said an entirely different funeral home will be taking over.

"I want the remains of my brother and it's hard for me to get them," Lewis said.

The Wayne County Medical Examiner is working to identify the remains found last week but say it could take months. 

An anonymous letter led state inspectors Friday to the decomposed remains hidden between the eastside building's first and second floors. 

The former funeral home located on Mack, was closed in April for deplorable conditions that included decomposing and moldy bodies. 

On April 10, officials say they discovered the improper storage of embalmed bodies in an unrefrigerated garage that had been there since November and December of 2017. An inspector also found a body kept from January 9 until it was cremated on April 17.

Weeks later on April 25, two bodies in the funeral home's possession since January and February 2018 were found in an advanced stage of decomposition, covered in what they say appeared to be mold. Another body was found with unknown fluids in the facial area.

Raymond Cantrell took over the funeral home in 2017 and admits holding the preserved bodies and says it was his attempt to accommodate the community who couldn't yet pay for burial of their loved one.

The site is being converted to a community center and has new ownership.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.