Remember the teen-motorcycle club duo collecting cereal for hungry kids? They're up to 4,000 boxes

The ingredients for breakfast can be simple: Cereal, milk and a hearty appetite.

Finding those ingredients for thousands of hungry kids this summer is less so.

Well, don't tell that to Dillon Marshall-Alley, whose well on his way to accomplishing the ladder. Not a month into his objective of bringing food to those in need, Marshall-Alley has already helped raise breakfast - and money - by the thousands.

"I think it's awesome," said the 17-year-old. "We're helping a lot of children that go hungry in the morning for breakfast."

We first met the motivated teenager in early June, when he was first putting his aspirations into action. As an individual with autism, Marshall-Alley is no stranger to adversity. But for the last month, overcoming adversity - for himself and the kids he's helping out - is all he's done.

Backed by the Shielded Souls Motorcycle Club, Marshall-Alley and other companies have collected 4,000 boxes of cereal, as well as thousands of dollars.

"Just started the first of June, just a month's time," said Gene "Pops" Price of the motorcycle club. "It's been great."

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Working in conjunction with Kroger of Southgate, the three groups have married private and public partnership to unite behind a common goal. 

"A lot of them (impoverished families) are on free and reduced lunches at school, which means when they go home and out for the summer, they don't have a meal to eat," said Lauren Montalvano of Kroger. "So 15,000 servings of cereal today, donated to local children in need will go a long way this summer."

And that's just in the first 25 days of the campaign, and a mere four days into summer. Talk about bang-for-your-buck. Those boxes of cereal will be distributed to 20 food pantries downriver. Their first stop was at the Congregational Church of Wyandotte.

What comes next is up to Marshall-Alley. We're sure he won't disappoint.

"We'll see what he's got for us next and we'll go from there but yeah, we do a lot with Dillon," Price said. "It goes on and on and on. We don't stop."

You can learn more at his Facebook page. The address for drop-off locations for the drive are at 1335 Richmond Ave, Lincoln Park, Shielded Souls 21038 Middle Belt Road, New Boston on Tuesdays after 6 p.m., and June 15 after 3 p.m.. They can also be dropped off at 5474 W. Jefferson in Trenton every Friday after 6 p.m..