Reminder: You're legally obligated to clear snow off your car

Since Sunday, we've seen about 8 inches or more of snow and more is coming. While you're busy clearing the drive, you may forget about your car. But you need to do it - and here's how!

What you're about to read is tongue-in-cheek, but you absolutely should clear off all the snow from your car. It's a safety issue for you and and other drivers.

Timeline: Metro Detroit expected to see 5 to 9 inches

Here are the easy steps:
1. Get your brush and go left to right (or right to left, if you prefer). You should do this on one side of your car.
2. A couple inches below that, you should go right to left (or left to right). Repeat this process all the way down the side of your car. The continuous motion will clear the snow off.
3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 on the other sides of your car. Make sure to repeat the scientific motions on the front, back, left, and right sides.
4. Don't forget the mirrors! You could probably do those with your gloved hands or use the brush - totally your choice.
5. If ice formed under the snow - good news! Your brush is likely already equipped with a scraper. Just put it up against the glass and scrape up and down until that's clear.
6. Don't forget to clear the hood and the roof of your car. (Some people prefer to do this as step 1 - and THAT'S FINE!) 
7. Clean off the headlights too and the tail lights so people can see you coming or going.

We know the seven step process isn't easy but if you fail to do it, you can get a ticket. It's easier to remove the snow and ice than pay a $120 ticket, don't ya think?