Lawmakers renew push to allow alcohol sales at Michigan college sport events

There's a renewed push in Lansing to open college sporting events up to alcohol sales.

After bipartisan bills introduced last summer failed to drum up enough support in the legislature, many expect to see more success this year. 

Both the University of Michigan and Michigan State University are outliers in the Big Ten conference when it comes to sales of booze at football, basketball, and hockey games. While some, including Michigan's governor have been skeptical that more drinking at schools, Gretchen Whitmer told FOX 2 this year that she would sign a bill if it made its way to her desk.

"Alcohol makes everything a little more challenging," she said late last year. 

The beverage industry hasn't always supported the legislation amid fears it would eat into profits that bars and other restaurants enjoy during big games. The bills would only allow for the sale of alcohol one hour prior to the game, during the game, and 30 minutes afterward. 

While officials have said opening up college campuses to more booze, making it legal to purchase could actually lessen the rate of binge-drinking since rules against consumption would be less restrictive.

A bill could get its first hearing on April 11.