Rep. Tlaib criticized after attending Michigan wedding maskless in area with substantial risk of COVID spread

Rep. Rashida Tlaib is receiving criticism this week after videos of her attending a wedding maskless in Dearborn were posted to social media.

Wayne County, where Dearborn is located, is an area considered to have a substantial risk of COVID-19 spread. The CDC recommends wearing masks indoors in these areas.

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"What we are really upset about is the hypocrisy of elected officials that say one thing and do another," said Rocky Raczkowski, the chair of the Oakland County Republican Party.

The wedding video surfaced the day Tlaib condemned Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul on Twitter for making a video encouraging people to defy mask orders.

After Paul posted his video, Tlaib tweeted, "The Kentucky senator is throwing a tantrum as his state is being swallowed whole by this virus, again."

FOX 2 reached out to Tlaib's communications team but has not gotten a response.