Repo man details alleged attack by Westland woman

The next time you want to complain about your job think about this story. You're going to meet a guy who has a tough job.

No one wants him around whenever he shows up, he does the dirty work for money lenders. We present to you confessions of a repo man - a day in the life

"I got scratches on my neck right here from when she was pushing at me," he said.

His face was a bit battered and his ego a little bruised after a violent encounter with someone losing their car

"They let us know ahead of time she was going to be a handful," he said.

And Tonia Cramier allegedly was.

"She's well known in Westland as a psycho," the repo man said.

The Westland woman once convicted of embezzling from the city housing department is now facing misdemeanor assault charges.

The repo man who wished to remain unnamed, dished the details:

"Dodge Journeys have a control pad and you push the start pad and put the (blanking) thing in reverse and tried to run him over," he said.

"We were trying to tell her, ma'am you do not own this vehicle, but she was going ham."

He told police that he already had the vehicle hooked up to his tow truck when she came running out of her house, hopped into the truck cab and attacked him.

"She starts pushing and smacking at me calling me a (blank) telling me to 'get out of the car,  (blank) you, you ain't got no rights to it,'" he said.

Cramier posted bond and was released from lockup. FOX 2 stopped by her house but no one came to the door.

The repo man says that wild encounter was a tame one, he's experienced worse.

"We've had some ones where we ride on the hoods of cars, we've been shot at," he said. "We've been knuckle to knuckle. You name it's happened."

The key to handling irate former car owners?

"You just have to be crazier than them and you'll be alright," he said. "If you're not, you're not going to be ok in this game."

Police say Cramier had a blood alcohol level of point 13 almost twice the legal limit

The repo man hopes she's just learned a lesson in all of this.

She'll be back in court in a couple weeks.