Report states MSU's Dantonio acted properly in alleged rape case with 3 players

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Three Michigan State University football players will face charges in a sexual assault investigation.

The Ingham County Prosecutor made the announcement after months of investigating three football players who were suspended from the MSU program now face sex assault charges.

The attorney for the victim says it’s been a tough six months for her client.

"She is smart, she is tough and she is doing as best as anyone could under these circumstances," said the victim's attorney Karen Truszkowski.

This allegedly took place at an apartment complex on Jan. 16.

"It was at a party on the MSU campus and there were these three individuals and my client," Truszkowski said.

The attorney specializes in sex crimes happening at higher learning institutions. She says there are often times when priorities get out of whack.

"Their reputations sometimes does supersede the rights of - not only the victims but sometimes the perpetrators too," Truszkowski said.

In this case MSU hired an outside firm to make sure once the crime was brought to the staff's attention, proper policies were followed.

That report was given to the MSU Board of Trustees which states that Coach Mark Dantonio found out at a player's meeting on the same day of the alleged crime.

One player got emotional and said, “I had to get her out of there, she is my friend."

By policy Dantonio alerted authorities and followed the protocol. He was cleared of wrong doing during a meeting with the board where they discussed how best to move forward.

His colleague Men’s' Basketball Coach Tom Izzo says it’s a tough spot.

"I wish I was at that meeting because it could happen to all of us," he said. "How quickly things change."

But some who cover the Spartan program closely say the head football coach shouldn't get a pass.

"You can't have any more criminal investigations going on like this," said Rico Beard, Spartan Beat Radio Host. "He has to put his foot down, lay down the law and say guys, this is unacceptable."

"Mark Dantonio has to look in the mirror," said Hondo Carpenter, "He brought these players in here, he wanted them."

We are expecting to hear more details of the alleged crime as one of the three suspects will be arraigned in court on Tuesday. We are told the other two suspects will likely be arraigned on Wednesday.

"I feel like I'm not as surprised as I should be," said MSU student Rachael Smith. "I feel like it happens a lot and it doesn't get brought to light as much as it should."