Republicans hesitant to approve DPS funds after $30 million disappears

Detroit Public School teachers and staffers rallied in Lansing to demand more help from the state. But more aid could be a tough sell at the capitol when the district can't seem to explain what happened to $30 million dollars that was supposed to go to the state's teacher pension fund.

"The message here today is community solidarity," said DFT President Ivy Bailey. "We want to highlight some of the positive things that are going on in the Detroit Public Schools."

That may be the message of the union president but inside that building some lawmakers want to know what happened to the $30 million that was suppose to go into the DPS retirement system.

Take Macomb County Democrat John Chirkun. His constituents are telling him no more money for Detroit schools but he has not made a final decision. However, he didn't exactly hold a poker face when the issue of the missing $30 million is raised.

"That's a big concern of mine. Because I dont know where that money is and I want  to know where it is," Chirkun said.

The DFT president argues that it was the state-appointed emergency managers who lost the money.

"They were in charge of the person over it and it happened on Mr. Early and Mr. Martin. So they should be responsible for answering where the money went," Bailey said.

While the rally went on, House Republicans remain opposed to the Governor's plan to spend $700 million to reduce the DPS deficit, which the Senate has already approved.

Detroit lawmaker Harvey Santana says the GOP will face a higher cost if they don't act now.

"If you say no then where are you going to find the $3 billion to pay off the debt the state is going to be on the hook for?" Santana said.

The debate will continue next week.