Resident reports seeing masked man at 3rd Detroit apartment fire in two days

Authorities are investigating a suspicious fire that broke out at an apartment complex early Tuesday morning in Detroit. 

The fire started around 4 a.m. at Heritage Place Apartments, which is near Joy Road and Dexter Avenue. Dozens of firefighters responded. 

Everyone was able to get out and no injuries have been reported, but authorities are concerned because this is the third fire there in two days. One witness also told us her boyfriend saw a man with a mask and a gas can with a woman in one of the stairwells. 

"Got to a corner before hitting the second stairwell, he ran into two people - a guy and a girl. The guy had on a mask; the guy was carrying a gasoline can, and my boyfriend startled him. The girl behind him pushed him and said, 'Keep going,' and when he got to me he asked me if I saw anybody at the window ... and two people went running up this street," resident Cindy Dowdy says. 

Residents say they woke up to the sound of breaking glass, and others smelled smoke. They went door-to-door to help make sure everybody got out. 

The fire kept jumping around, and it took about 50 firefighters hours to put it all out. One firefighters was hurt but will be okay. The firefighter was treated at the hospital for a gash and burn on his head but has since been released.

Arson investigators say accelerants were found in multiple locations, including the front door to possibly try and hinder residents from getting out.