Residents evacuated after apartment fire in Southgate, authorities investigate

"The alarm start going off, I grabbed the leash and my shoes and I was out the door," said displaced resident, Cathy Mullins. 

A fire that happened on the sixth floor of the Seaway Towers Apartment Building in Southgate Saturday afternoon at before 2. 

"They had multiple people hanging out the window," said Southgate Fire Department Captain, Marc Hatfield. "Eventually, we were able to keep them inside and our firefighters were able to get them out. We had jumpers on the sixth floor, but no one jumped."

"The smoke was pretty bad on the fifth floor," said displaced resident Samuel Degrace. "Soon as we opened up the staircase, it was pouring down the staircase pretty bad." 
Everyone in the building had to be evacuated, some people who live in the building use wheelchairs. 

"The police and fire department carried those people down those six flights of stairs, which had to be challenging," Mullins said. 

Several people were taken to an area hospital with smoke inhalation, including three police officers and one firefighter. 

One resident was listed in critical condition. 

The investigation is still ingoing and the cause of the fire is unclear.