Restaurants still in the dark due to storm aftermath one week later

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There were numerous restaurants closed for business Wednesday along Evergreen due to no electricity.

All thanks to the powerful storms that ripped through metro Detroit last Friday and Saturday. On Wednesday CK Mediterranean Grill and Catering in Southfield on Evergreen near I-696, in the dark

"I was surprised that businesses are still without power right now," said Danielle Phillips. "My friend just got their power back on last night at 11:30, that was shocking to hear they still didn't have power from Saturday night."

At one point 600,000 DTE customers were without power from the second largest storm in DTE's history.

Crews from all over the country including Illinois, Georgia and New York were in Michigan working to restore the power. Hoping to have the electricity back on for everyone by midnight tonight.

At last check, DTE would not release the number of customers without power but said that the number of a few thousand.