Rev. Charles Williams says Flint water "almost as bad as gas chambers for Jews"

The president of the Michigan chapter of Al Sharpton's National Action Network, Rev. Charles Williams II says Flint water is "almost as bad as gas chambers for Jews."

Those comments from Williams coming Monday at a news conference in Flint on Monday.

The Pastor and civil rights activist is not backing down from his controversial comments, even comparing the water crisis to the holocaust.

Williams says, "the city of Flint's residents are being sold bad water and being told to like it. That's just as unjust as slavery, that's just as unjust as genocide, and an injustice is an injustice."

He was in Flint with the National Action Network Monday delivering bottled water to residents when he said the drinking water is almost as bad as gas chambers was for the Jews.

Williams says, "the water is slightly discolored it has an odor."

When our reporter Randy Wimbley asked Reverend Williams how he can compare the situation in Flint to Holocaust, he said,"we don't know the severity of the effects on people who have drunk the water in Flint,"

In addition to his work as president of NAN-Michigan, Williams is the pastor of King Solomon Baptist Church of Detroit.

And Williams says he is not backing down from his comments, he thinks his words were fitting and says do not expect an apology from him.