RNC underway despite 'Never Trump' opposition

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The Republican National Convention has officially started amid a contentious debate over who the candidate should be.

According to the delegate count, Donald Trump has the votes but members of the 'Never Trump' movement made their voices loud on Monday. The chaotic discussion went on for hours about whether or not delegates are bound to vote for Trump or not. Just before 5 pm, the opposition finally gave in.

Outside the Quicken Loans arena, protesters gathered and sparred on the streets - not with violence, but with words. From Black Panthers to anarchists to white supremacists, many sides appeared to be represented to make their voices heard.

More than 4,000 officers from across the country converged on Cleveland as tensions mount following the murders of three more police officers in Baton Rouge.

Dennis Kucinich, who once ran for President and is an Ohio native, says the convention should be about safety and the future of the GOP.

"There are laws with respect to violence. Where people are using a gun to gain free speech it's a whole different deal. I think we have to demonstrate that we can have the capacity in America with a difference of opinion without hurting each other," Kucinich said.

Monday's lineup includes Melania Trump, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, and the mother of a victim of Benghazi - a clear shot at Hillary Clinton.

Kucinich said being loud and only get you so far and is offering some advice for the man who gets the nominee: be smart.

"You can't just say well I'm gonna be stronger than anyone else because it's not just, it's not just muscle. You need brains, too. You better have both. Because if you're gonna lead a country, you have to understand where the complexities are that produce violence in a society," he said.

The rally cry includes a lot of Trump support but not everyone. Michigan Delegate Wendy Day said she will vote for who the people of Michigan supported: Ted Cruz.

"I'm voting for Cruz and honoring the will of the voters in Michigan who voted for Cruz. I think the convention serves a very important step in the process of becoming president, a step of checks and balances, and I think it's a very important one that can't be minimized. That's why we're here, and I'm looking forward to exercising that responsibility," Day said,

She won't be alone but it may not matter. The Never Trump movement's stand was on its last leg and did not get the role call vote they had hoped for.