Road rage incident on Detroit's east side, gunman opens fire on vehicle with kids inside

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A Road rage incident sent a Warren man to the hospital Friday after someone shot up his car on the east-side of Detroit.

To make matters worse this isn’t the first time something has happened to this man while he was on the road.

Parris Patterson lost his wife in a random car incident back in 2015.

They were all in the car together coming from a barbecue when someone hit and killed her then took off.

So last night, he’s once again with family, his girlfriend, and her 3 kids driving on 7 mile near Schoehnerr when shots are fired.

“He was speeding and he couldn't get past my truck, guess that upset him,” Patterson said.

The car followed him for a while in the area of Rolyat and Terrell.

That’s where he says the suspect fired at least three shots into his car.

“I heard the shots, natural reaction to throw your hands up,” Patterson said.

A bullet hit him in his left pinky finger.

“If the bullet would have come through the middle of the windshield it would have struck one of the kids in the back which would have been horrible, but we are lucky because it have been a lot worse,” he said.

Patterson says the suspect’s car was an older dirty white Oldsmobile possibly the year 98’ or 99’, with front-end damage near the headlights. He thinks there were three occupants inside.