Road report: Winter storm bears down on Metro Detroit, FOX 2's Weather Beast takes us to the streets

Stay off the roads if possible, FOX 2's Weather Beast hit the streets tonight to show the conditions first-hand as the winter storm bears down on Metro Detroit.

The Weather Beast SUV is equipped to handle the condition and is its own mobile weather station, which is where Derek Kevra and photog Matt Phillips gave us a first-hand look at the state of the roads. A winter storm warning is in effect for Southeast Michigan so stay inside if you can.

Decent traction could be found in Detroit in downtown to the east side. Complicating things was the sleet that iced the ground prior to the snowfall from this afternoon.

"I'm actually hoping it snows more so you can gain a little more friction, a little bit of traction with the wheels," Kevra said.

Drivers are going slow, but some spinouts were seen along I-696.

"We have seen cars going slow and taking it easy," he said, noting that most freeway speeds he had seen were about 35 miles an hour. 

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Michigan State Police posted on Twitter, that plows and salt trucks are out, but slow down and watch the conditions of your wipers.

"The road commissions are continuing to work the freeways. Traveling off the freeway and in the neighborhoods is definitely a little more tricky! Watch your wipers as snow and ice will collect on them and make it harder to see!"

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