Robbery crew arrested after standoff with Detroit police

Police say they have multiple suspects in custody after two armed robberies overnight in southwest Detroit.

The robberies happened in the area of Springwells Street and Vernor Highway around 2:30 a.m. Commander Elvin Barren with Detroit police says officers were able to get the vehicle description -- a gold SUV -- and talk to the victims.

The robberies were well thought out by coordinated crews, according to police. They believe members of the crews robbed the victims and then drove back to a house in the 4400 block of Roosevelt, which is where they found the suspect vehicle. Police then went into the house and found a group of people inside. Some were suspects and some were innocent bystanders.

"The home was occupied by multiple individuals who were not involved in the incident, so we were able to get them out of the home and they were released," says Barren.

The streets, Barrin says, are now safer because of what else they took out of the house.

"We got one handgun, a Tec-9 and a carbine assault rifle off the street," he says. "This makes an impact in our crime, makes an impact as it relates to getting these armed robbery crews off the streets."