Rochester splash pad shooting: Six survivors released, three remain critical

The Oakland County Sheriff's Office announced that six of the nine Rochester Hills splash pad shooting survivors have been released from the hospital.

In an update from the sheriff's office, it was announced that three survivors were released from the hospital on Tuesday – a 4-year-old boy, a 42-year-old man, and a 31-year-old man. These three survivors are in addition to the three survivors who were released on Monday.

While that is some glimmer of good news, three others remain hospitalized – including an 8-year-old boy and his 39-year-old mom. Those two survivors were both hospitalized with critical injuries. A third survivor – a 30-year-old woman – is also still hospitalized. Her condition was not released.

The shooting at Brooklands Splash Pad in Rochester Hills injured 9 people – including the 4 and 8-year-old boys, who are brothers.

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During an update on Monday, Sheriff Michael Bouchard said the boy made significant progress in the first day.

"The young child that had a head wound - he's made amazing progress," Bouchard said. "I saw him yesterday with his father…reeling would be an understatement. That poor family went through things that no family should ever have to face."

The shooter killed himself after a lengthy standoff with police on Saturday.

Bouchard added they may never learn the motive for the shooter's actions. 

"Still not a lot to tell you about motive," Bouchard said. "We may not be able to find (a motive)."

Bouchard did mention that evidence shows that the shooter had made claims about thinking that someone was listening to him – via electronic devices. 

Twelve guns were recovered by investigators – some at the scene, others at the shooter's home. He bought the murder weapon, a 9 mm pistol, legally in 2015.

The shooter lived with his mother, who was on a road trip when the shooting took place.  

"At this point, we have no information that anyone reported any concerns," Bouchard said.

Under Michigan's Red Flag laws, which went into effect earlier this year, a person’s guns can be taken away if a court or law enforcement agency thinks they are a threat to themselves or others. 

In order for someone to be targeted for an extreme risk protection order (ERPO), the request would have to come from a specified individual like a spouse or a family member. 

"If you think there is a mental health challenge going on… that’s the time to talk to that loved one, talk to a mental health professional, talk to some public safety employees – to loop other people in that could be resources or of assistance. Or maybe you need to have that on their radar screen," Bouchard said.

Since the shooting, the gunman's mother has hired a lawyer. Bouchard said getting information from her about her son has been a challenge and will continue to be. 

As of Monday, the following two GoFundMe drives have been confirmed as legitimate by the sheriff's office:

  • A GoFundMe for a family that had two kids and a parent injured in the shooting can be found here.
  • A GoFundMe for a couple that was injured in the shooting while shielding their children can be found here.