Rolling Stones rock Detroit, meet Motown legend Martha Reeves

A long-awaited Rolling Stones concert pushed back due to Covid, made anticipation for tonight even higher. On Monday night rumors were rampant about a possible guest with Detroit connections.

The tour date had a Motown flavor thanks to a special backstage guest - Martha Reeves - a legend in her own right. Take a look at photos of the Motown icon meeting with rock royalty Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

"An incredible pleasure to meet Martha Reeves tonight," Keith Richards wrote on Facebook, sharing the photos. 

Jagger also posted photos on social media of a series of visits around the city of Detroit including the Joe Louis monument, "The Fist."

"The 'D' got soul. they got soul. this works," said fan Theresa Wilson.

The Rolling Stones attract fans of all ages - like these 11- and 13-year-olds.

"How cool is that, the greatest rock and roll band ever (and it's) their first concert. I would love to say that," marveled an older fan.

Maybe one day they’ll go to another 'Stones show - maybe more like Dan Graham.

"This could be 38 or 39," Graham said. "My first one was in 1979, in Toronto."

Or as many as Matt Lee, superfan from London.

"Nearly 200, every show this tour," said Matt Lee, author of 'Hot Stuff' the Rolling Stones memorabilia book.

Lee keeps a close tab on the band, so when lead singer Mick Jagger goes sight-seeing, so does Matt.

"He’s been everywhere out and about Downtown," he said. "I’m taking photos in the same place he takes photos."

It's not just memories Matt Lee is collecting. Back in the 90s he started collecting Stones' memorabilia and never stopped.

"Now I have the Guinness World Record," he said. "Over 100,000 items."

Martha Reeves and Mick Jagger.

Martha Reeves and Mick Jagger.

Regardless of who shows up, the band’s success speaks for itself with fans coming back year after year.

"The energy is fantastic - that’s why I’m here," Lee said.

"There is a whole community of Rolling Stone collectors," said Graham. "We all bond through the music."

"It’s timeless and they change," Wilson said.

Ticket prices to Monday night's show were steep, ranging in price from $126 to $450. 

Keith Richards and Martha Reeves

Keith Richards and Martha Reeves