Romanian Michigan woman helps Ukraine refugees in her home country

"Very heart-wrenching stories of suffering, of violence, of sexual violence to women, young girls, even children," said Mihaela Motrofan.

They are the horrible stories of war - and Mihaela Mitrofan has traveled from Michigan back to her home country of Romania - to hear from, and help Ukrainian refugees.

"Many of them are struggling with the decision to leave their home country, so even those who come to Romania, they do it temporarily - they hope to be able to return very soon," said Mitrofan.

Mihaela works for Samaritas - resettling refugees - and she herself is an immigrant from Romania - who came to Michigan in 1995.

Now back in her homeland for a humanitarian effort - she's working with politicians and NGO's to try to address the needs there - as hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have crossed in to Romania - where train stations have become welcome centers.

"It was very emotional for me - how a regular train station was transformed partially to accommodate a high influx of refugees," she said.

Mihaela is also going in to Ukraine to distribute food and medical supplies - and to help people flee to a hospital in Romania.

"We will wait to receive the group of children and their mothers that will help accompany them to cross into Romania," she said. "The hospital is ready to receive them, so we are very excited to be part of this effort."

And working also to receive Ukrainian refugees, once they come to the United States - some of whom will re-settle in Michigan.

"Hundreds, and as we said, maybe more than a thousand Ukrainians will find their home in Michigan," she said. "So we want to make sure that the local resettlement agencies are resources, and equipped with the resources needed."

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