Roop Raj's response to 'Where you came from' gets groundswell of support

Not only is Roop Raj an award-winning anchor and reporter - but his tolerance and grace are being lauded across the internet following an ignorant comment. 

His social meda responde to a viewer who asked "where he came from" has more than 2,000 likes and drawn attention everywhere from Newsweek to the Michigan attorney general. 

Raj shared his thoughts across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram responding to the comment with "I don't know where you came from ... but here in America ..." to which he said "To that ignorance, I replied, 'Troy, I'm from Troy, Mi. No sarcasm. No hate. There is enough of that out there. I was born and raised in America and love this country as much as someone who may not look like me."

Raj's post on inclusion also drew plaudits from Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and former US Attorney Barbara McQuade, as well as which featured Raj and his post in an online article, "FOX anchor calls out viewer asking where 'he came from': 'This country looks like you and me.'"

The viewer was responding to a story Raj did about the China tariffs and how the U.S. trade war was impacting Michigan business Stormy Kromer, a popular wool hat company from Ironwood in the U.P. 

"Raj, I wish you understand why the tariffs will be in place.  I'm not sure where you came from," wrote the Twitter user.  "But USA wants fair trade do some homework   then report.  Also, sure it's a world famous hat many communist Chinese people wear them a lot of history with the hat."

Raj responded, explaining his parents were born in India and have been in America for 45 years and became citizens. They had been doing well in India when an opportunity arose in the 1970s when there was a lack of engineers in America.

"The people of this community are our pride, we are American. So are you. So let's stop the idiocy around who has been here longer. Please. The common bond and love we have for this great idea of democracy is what makes us ONE."

Nessel was particularly passionate in her support for Raj, and quipping "Have you met this guy? It's like attacking Mr. Rogers or Santa Claus."

"I miss living in a country where people felt ashamed to express such abhorrent sentiments," she wrote. "Stand strong Roop, we love you!"