Roseville church defaced by Swastikas, the word "die," and other imagery

Pastor Darrell Moore arrived at his church Sunday morning to an unseemly sight defacing the holy building where he preaches.

Swastikas, the word 'die," and other graffiti had been smeared on the Greater New Life Church in Roseville.

"One of the neighbors saw me get out of my car and he said 'pastor, I need you to see this, I need you to see what they’ve done to your church," said Pastor Darrell Moore.

The letters JDS were also spray-painted on the building - though Moore is unsure of what that means. 

"My first thought is the enemy is just busy. I don’t know what people were thinking, why would they do something like this," said Moore.

It's not the first time the congregation has faced adversity. in 2014, the church caught on fire after lightning struck the steeple, pushing the standing building into rubble.

They rebuilt bigger and better and it's been quiet ever since. 

Then, on Oct. 24, it became the target of vandals. 

"It’s heartbreaking to come in, this is 2021, this is heartbreaking. We've never had issues so why this all of a sudden is just beyond me," said Moore. " I don't have no hatred for the person who did it. I just wish that their soul would be saved."

"I just wish their life would be turned around because they're headed down the long road."

Anyone with information concerning the vandalism is asked to call the Roseville police.