Roseville dad says school didn't tell him 4th grader pulled knife on his daughter

Guiffre says his daughter described the knife and even flicked it while saying he was going to f------- kill them.

The letter she wrote is unsettling but Guiffre says the way the school handled it is infuriating. He said he only found out when she got home from school.

"I'm just really appalled with the fact that the principal didn't find it necessary to have contacted me when this incident happened, Guiffre said.

He said he talked to the principal to find out what happened but said he didn't the answer he was looking for. Superintendent John Kment released a statement about the incident: "As a parent, he was not notified and we need to make sure that with any incident in the future, parents are notified immediately. We will make sure this never happens again."

The superintendent also adds that the incident wasn't reported until later in the day to a teacher and the school immediately called police. However, Kment admits it should've been taken more seriously, sooner.

"If this wasn't serious, What is serious?"

The boys were suspended, which Guiffre calls a 'relief', and he hopes this incident reminds school officials and parents that bullying should always be taken seriously.

"For kids to learn this kind of language and talk about killing other fourth graders - where do they learn this kind of stuff?" Guiffre said.