Roseville family wants their missing dog returned

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A Roseville family is on pins and needles after they say someone took their beloved dog.

"He is a blue-nosed pit bull, and has bright blue and hazel eyes," said Amanda Karalis.

The dog named Thor has only been a part of the Karalis family for a month, but his sudden and unexpected absence has left a big hole, especially in the heart of 4-year-old Tegan.

"He's been emotional," Karalis said. "He's been upset in the morning and then he goes through bad behavior throughout the day."

It happened around dinner time, 6:30 Tuesday night. The three family dogs pushed back gate open and all three of the family dogs got loose.

"We've had our dogs get out before," Karalis said. "I picked one up from the Humane Society. People always turn them in."

But this time was different. There is a still image the owner provided, showing one of the dogs following a stranger down the street to a senior living complex. From there the dogs split up. Two came home but Thor, the youngest, did not.

The dog was last spotted at the intersection of Galloway and Eastland. The family currently has missing posters up hoping for information.

According to the owner what they saw on cameras from the senior complex was a car stop,  two guys get out, grab the dog and drive off.  FOX 2 attempted to see the video but was told to file a Freedom of Information Act through the city."

Karalis says she filed a police report, giving police a description of the people who allegedly took her dog.

"Two white gentlemen getting out of an older style Dodge Charger, chrome rims," she said.

While Karalis is hanging posters and spreading the word any way she can, she says there will be no reward at this time asking whomever is responsible to do the right thing.

"Be honest, don't suck at life," she said. "Don't be a jerk, don't take people's dogs."