Roseville man shoots and kills pit bull he said attacked his dog

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A Roseville man shoots and kills a pit bull while walking his own dog.

He says the pit bull escaped a yard and started attacking his pet. Now police are investigating the attack and the shooting.

"The guy told me to call the cops," said a witness. "I called the cops, 911; I crossed the street and gave him the phone."

The man was walking his bull mastiff in the 26000 block of Lehner in Roseville on Saturday when police say the dog attack of his pet happened. Two dogs got out after apparently squeezed through a gap in their owner's backyard fence. But only one attacked.

"It appears when they saw this dog coming down the street, the pit bull type dog without any provocation charged and started to maul this other dog," Berlin said.

"He spoke with the cops on my phone and asked if 'Can I shoot him?'" the witness said. "I went in the house and told my family don't be scared."

The witness says the man shot and killed the pit bull mix when she went inside her house.

"He had a permit to carry the gun, the gun was legally registered." Berlin said.

The owner of the pit bull wasn't home at the time but he was ticketed for having a vicious animal and for not having his dogs licensed.

As far as that owner of the bull mastiff who shot the pit bull. He has not been charged with anything. However the entire incident is under investigation.

The bull mastiff that was attacked received medical care and is expected to recover.