Roseville pizza delivery men targeted in violent robberies

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“They're going to kill somebody. I could have died that night. I could have been in a coma.”

Terry Gasperich was just trying to deliver a pizza - instead he was beaten and robbed, bruised and bloodied - but brave enough to share his story.

“I don't know how I got out alive. I really don't. I'm just thankful to be alive.”

It happened around 12:30 a.m. Sunday at the Utica Square Apartments in Roseville. It was the third attack on a pizza delivery person at that same apartment complex since April 5th.

“As soon as I got two steps down, they yanked me down and started swinging at me.”

Gasperich turned to run, but didn't get far. Three more guys blocked his exit.

“I'm on my back and I got my feet in the air. I’m kicking, and they were just kicking my head.”

Each time police believe it's the same group of guys - young black men who send one guy to get the pizza, then the rest attack. They steal the pizza and whatever cash the delivery guy has. They also stole Gasperich’s phone.

“They stomped me pretty good. It was a terrifying moment. I got knocked out. I don't know how I got out of there. I don’t remember getting up. I don’t even remember even opening the door, getting out, going to my car. I don’t remember getting in my car. I don’t remember getting to the gas station.”

First it was a delivery guy from Jet's, then one from Passport, then from Paparoni's. The owner of Paparoni’s wishes he and other pizza shops had been notified earlier they were being targeted.

“This would have been something, maybe I could have taken precautions before to my drivers. We were the third business that this happened to,” said Sam Iaquinto.

Pizza places are limiting deliveries in the area and hoping someone turns these guys in before anyone else gets hurt or worse.

“It's a butt-whooping, but this is more than a butt-whooping - this is a crime and they're going to keep doing it until they kill somebody,” said Gasperich.

“We definitely want to get these people off the street as soon as we can, just to put everyone’s mind at ease.” said Deputy Chief Donald Glandon, Roseville Police.

Police don’t believe the men live in the apartment building; they’re just using it to commit the crimes. Anyone with information about the robberies is asked to call Roseville Police.