Roseville police investigating after video shows officers use stun gun on loose dog

The Roseville police chief says the department is investigating a video that's gone viral showing an officer using a stun gun on a dog. The woman who recorded the video posted it on social media, where it's been viewed thousands of times.

She says the dog wanders her neighborhood, but she's never seen it act aggressively. When Roseville police officers arrived to catch the dog, though, they're seen on video using a stun gun to stop the dog in its tracks. Once they had the dog with a control stick, the officer appears to continue to shock the dog.

The woman was out walking her own dog when she saw the officers with the loose dog. 

"My issue is not the initial use of the taser, that was a good nonlethal call that protected my dog and protected motorists in six lanes of traffic and also the loose dog," she wrote when she shared the video. "My issue is they kept shocking the dog after it was on the stick and they didn't even know how to properly use a stick."

The woman tells FOX 2 the dog didn't show any aggressive behavior prior to being shocked. 

"The only time that there was anything that could have been construed as aggression is when it was on its back, on the ground being tasered with a catch pole shoved in its face. It snapped at the catch pole, which, I would too," she says.

Another bystander can be seen in the video telling the officers to stop shocking the dog. The officers tell that woman to get in her car and go home. She was also threatened to be taken to jail for disorderly conduct.

The woman who recorded the video reiterated that she understands why they shocked the dog in the first place, but wants what she calls an obvious lack of training to be addressed. One officer can be heard in the video saying he doesn't know how to "lock" the control stick.

"I'm not out for blood to get the cops fired or reprimanded; I just want training. I just want them trained on how to use the tools they're given," she says.

Roseville police say they're investigating but wouldn't comment further on the video.