Rough ride: Huron Township road is covered with craters, say residents

Beyond bumpy - nearby residents say South Huron Road in Huron Township - is downright dangerous - and increasingly expensive.

"At this point it's a safety issue," said Justin Brown."You're looking at right here - this is where a strut came through (on the hood). I've replaced the struts on this car three times in the last 18 months."

Whether it's struts or tires - the damage to cars out there is as consistent as the craters. Look insider this one and you'll find - there's a lug nut.

"Just watching buses try to get through - people driving on the wrong sides of the road to try to avoid the potholes - it's like drunk drivers but they're just trying to avoid potholes," said Gloria Brown.

Brown, her husband and four children live in the Swan Creek mobile home park. Their access roads are both full of craters - Clark Road and South Huron.

They are so fed up - she even started a petition to pave the roads - at least one of them. A recent fire has them worried that firefighters, police and EMS could be delayed in reaching them in a case of an emergency.

"Like any emergency - us having to rush to the ER, like, whatever," Brown said. "There's no rushing out of here - or to us - in any kind of matter, and it's scary."

The problem is that it gets expensive to have it paved - and residents would have to pay. Some homeowners don't want a special assessment.
FOX 2 recently did a similar story about Haggerty Road in Sumpter Township. We've reached out to Wayne County to discuss both situations and are waiting to hear back.

In the meantime, Swan Creek residents say it's becoming more expensive and dangerous - not to pave it.

"I've seen people bounce into the ditch - especially when the snow hits," said William Camponelli."My neighbors broke their car - maintenance broke their car."

"We've already had to replace the struts and this is only a 2019, and we've got to replace them again," said Brittany Camponelli.

"The struts on this thing cost me $800 - just the struts once already," William said. "Plus, it cost me another $400 to have somebody put them on."

To find the petition, use this link.