Royal Oak couple comes home to find burglars still in house

A Royal Oak couple is still shaken up after returning to their home early Saturday morning to find two burglars still in their house.

"It is very scary. It's very unnerving," said Justin Wiles.

He and wife Denise came home to find intruders still burglarizing their place.

"My wife saw the one guy pretty much falling out the back window. She never even saw the other guy who was still in the house behind her, so he was in there with her by herself," Justin said.

Denise said she was actually on the phone calling 911 when her husband saw the second person leave.

"I didn't even know there was a second person in with me until afterwards, which makes it even scarier," Denise said.

One guy escaped out the back window. It's believed the crooks pried that window open to get into the house.

They say the other suspect was hiding in the closet and when they walked in he took off out the front door, so Justin followed.

"I gave chase down the road while she was on the phone with 911. I chased him down the end of the street and he made a left on 6th Street, and that's when the cops had intercepted me and asked where he was going. Basically they just surround the whole neighborhood," Justin said.

Both men, who were wearing hoodies to conceal their identities, were able to get away.

The Wiles soon learned the suspects stole around $4,500 worth of cash and valuables, including Denise's wedding bands.

Investigators told the Wiles their home in the area of 4th and Campbell is one of nearly a dozen homes that have been hit likely by the same robbers over the last few weeks.

"I've always felt safe and this is really rattling to be honest with you. Never expect it to happen. Doors were locked, porch light was on. There's a street light right next door," Denise said.