Running water on Outer Drive part of flush test, city says

Neighbors say water has been running for days on Outer Drive at Schaefer and the cool water is creating ice on the road.

So FOX 2 put a call into the Detroit water department to figure out why there would be water all over the streets. With that, a water crew began working just west on Outer Drive.  

Worker Mazin Malallah says when they put in a new main, they usually do a flush test to make sure the line is OK.

And after they do the flushing or "bleeding the lines", they will a do bacteria test to make sure the water is safe. Sometimes it's normal to have running water for seven days. Since there was a sewer not too far from the running water, it was proper.

The city tells FOX 2 bleeding the lines was normal and this is all part of the new construction of water main line, which should start February 9 and be done by the end of March, depending on the weather.