San Jose Target shoppers shocked by pornographic sounds on intercom

Appalled shoppers say the sounds of pornography were piped throughout a San Jose Target Wednesday, and KTVU learned that at least three other similar incidents have documented at Target stores around California.

In each case, the audio has been extremely graphic and extremely difficult for store employees to turn off.

At this San Jose Target off Saratoga Avenue, it was quite the shock for shoppers.

"I'm like, 'This is not happening. No one is going to believe this,'" said shopper Gina Young.

Over the sound system, the music had been replaced by moaning and what sounded like x-rated audio.

Young's first reaction was to record it. Her second was to cover the ears of her 3-year old twins.

"Everyone's just like, 'Oh my god!' And everyone just froze. Like, no one knew what to do, because it's like, 'Do I leave? I have groceries. I have my kids. I need diapers,'" said Young.

This appeared to be just the latest in a string of similar incidents. Back on April 3rd, a KTVU employee was there as the sounds of sex were broadcast throughout the Target in Colma. On July 10th, newspaper reports describe a similar situation in San Luis Obispo. On September 19th, the Tulare Target was hit. And now, on October 14th, it was San Jose.

Shoppers also uploaded video of the Tulare incident to YouTube. Gina Young found pit her video has gone viral.

"Of all things to go viral for, why does it have to be this?" she asked.

And while she recorded just 30 seconds, she says the incident lasted more than 15 minutes as store employees tried unsuccessfully to turn the sound system off.

"People were grabbing them by their arms and yelling at them and they were like, 'I'm so sorry, we're trying everything we can. We can't figure out how to turn it off, but we're trying,'" remembered Young.

Target officials say they are investigating and that they're taking this matter very seriously.

Young says she doesn't blame the store, but just wishes they could have stopped the sounds sooner.

"I feel really awful for the company. It's just an awkward situation," she said.