Sanders talks social security, student loans at rally in Macomb County

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Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders took the stage Saturday evening at Macomb County Community College in Warren, Mich.

The Vermont senator was met by enthusiastic applause as he spoke about topics including social security, the high number of African Americans incarcerated and refinancing college student loans.

Sanders is known for having the ability to attract younger voters. Supporter Silver Thorn said this could be because the American youth is tired of being forgotten about.

"People don't care about the millennials and stuff like global warming, and college tutition," she said. "Loans have skyrocketed and going to college next year is going to be really difficult, personally for me because the student loans are so high. Bernie Sanders wants to do stuff to combat that."

Supporter Taylor Rattray said he's voting for Sanders because he feels Hillary Clinton lies, while Sanders is more trustworthy.

"He doesn't have all of these scandals going around in the media," he said. "Those have been happening for multiple years."

However, some older voters hold a different perspective. Undecided voter Kristine McLonis said she's still on the fence.

"A lot of my friends actually think Hillary is the better choice because she's a more seasoned politician. She seems to have the better grip for how exactly certain programs could be implentmented,"  McLonis said. "Whereas Bernie, apparently, the numbers that he has put forth so far, with programs he wants to implement, they don't exactly add up. So I (wanted) to hear him in person tonight to see if he can make it clear how he would manage to do the things he wants to do."