Saturdays in the D offers free programs for Detroit students March to June

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Preparing Detroit's young people for a stronger future is the goal of a free enrichment program returning next month.

You'd think, going to school on Saturdays would not be something that kids would want to do, but that is not the case in Detroit. That's because Saturdays in the D is back.

"That's all the 6th grade can talk about is what are we are going to do with Saturdays in the D," said KrisTiana Cove, a Marcus Garvey Academy Student. "Because the thing is about Saturday in the D, I believe that you can choose what you want to be in. I think it's going to be so much for not just me, but for everyone."

That's right - students can choose from activities such as academic games, chess, conflict resolution, dance, basketball and soccer, swimming, studio production, martial arts and much more.

"My second grader was like 'Mom can you sign me up for school on Saturday,' And I'm like you want to go to school on Saturday? And he's like 'Yes,'" said Kateya Graves, a Marcus Garvey Academy parent. "So he's very excited. It gives him something to do, (they) always have something positive at school, which is great."

The program is available to any K-through-12 student who lives in Detroit and it is free. It runs from March 2 to June 15 from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 

The students get free breakfast and lunch and it takes place at three locations: Marcus Garvey Academy, Mumford High School and Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School at Northwestern. 

This program has run since 2015 and students who have been involved, love it.

"I've learned a whole bunch of karate moves and I've learned karate is only for self-defense and not to harm somebody," said KrisTiana C

So, how do you get involved? This Saturday at the three locations where the program takes place, students and their parents or guardians can show up and sign up.

"We invite everybody to come to our registration fairs at all three locations this Saturday from 9 to 12 pm. and they can meet the vendors in person, see what the teachers are going to be providing and teachers and choose what they want to do," said Breanna Sullivan, program manager, Saturdays in the D.

And how about this, in addition to the youth activities, parents and guardians of students who enroll, will be able to take classes as well in financial literacy, conflict resolution, computers and GED preparation. It's all courtesy of Goal Line Detroit.

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